Laser Trainer Golf Swing System Components

          • Path Laser (with batteries)
          • Plane Laser (with batteries)
          • Graphical Mat
          • Instructional Video (by Dr. Gary Wiren)
          • Instructional Booklet

About the Path Laser... The Path Laser attaches to any club shaft, with the laser beam pointing to the ground in front of the clubface sweet spot. You will adjust the "red dot" of laser light to point to where the ball should be at address. The path Laser (tracking across the Graphical Mat) will show you where the club head is traveling to and from the ball during the bottom portion of your swing.

About the Plane Laser... The Plane Laser attaches to the butt end of any standard shaft grip. As the laser beam tracks across the Graphical Mat, the Plane Laser will show you the perfect swing plane (angle of the swing) during the top part of the swing for each club. Obviously, the Plane Laser points toward the ground during the top portion of your swing (beyond approximately 90 degrees from the vertical on the top portion as you prepare for the down swing).

The top part of your swing determines what will happen at the bottom of the down swing. It is absolutely critical to be in the proper plane on the down swing to insure a powerful and accurate shot.

About the Graphical Mat... The Graphical Mat is a vital part of your Laser Trainer system. It has several key elements that will assist in helping you to understand the golf swing, both correct and incorrect.

Since the game of golf is about hitting your ball to a specific "target", ultimately the hole, the imaginary line drawn from any target (the edge of a fairway bunker, a certain tree or mound in the fairway, the left, center, or right side of a fairway or green or, of course, taking dead aim on the flag stick and hole) to your ball is called the target line.

The target line is the most prominent feature on the Graphical Mat because the target line is the most important part of golf! Every single thing you do, on every single shot, is measured against this target line. The target line is your absolute blueprint to your golf swing! The Graphical Mat shows a wealth of information in addition to the all-important target line. The mat is lightweight and portable.

"I think the Laser Trainer would be great for any player! It's easy to use and fits on any club. I could see immediately where I was swinging. It's awesome!"


- Jonathan Kaye

Rising Star on the PGA Tour