How It Works

The Laser Trainer system is simple to set up and use. It attaches to virtually any golf club.

Once the Lasers are attached to a golf club, simply roll out the Graphical Mat in your office or home. Please note the Laser Trainer works best in low-light, indoor conditions, so be sure you have enough room to swing a golf club without hitting anything or anybody. Insert the instructional video by Dr. Gary Wiren into a VCR and begin to practice along with it. Simple!

The graphical target mat, swing plane and swing path lasers, your golf club (or putter), and you comprise the functional components of the Laser Trainer system. In general, principals of golf swing and putting improvement are based on the science of physics and on muscle kineseology. That is, practice - correct practice - makes perfect. Our patented two-laser system allows you to visually see aspects of your swing that you previously could not. This is without question revolutionary in golf instruction and training. When you can see what you are doing incorrectly, then you can make the necessary adjustments of your swing to correct.

"The laser trainer doesn't lie! You can see exactly where you are swinging, and more importantly where you should be swinging !"

- Rick Rhoden

Three time MLB all-star / All time leading winner on the celebrity tour

It works like this: a golf club swung with the lasers attached will emit a finely focused beam of red light that will track across the Graphical Target mat and provide you visual data on the entire range of your swing -- from takeaway to "impact point" (Please note that the Laser Trainer System is NOT designed to hit a golf ball while the lasers are attached to any golf club, and will possibly cause injury to yourself or someone else).

The Laser Trainer system is simple, and yes, it is easy to use. That is a big reason for its success as a teaching aid. Once you actually see the precise point at which your swing begins to deviate from the perfect swing (viewed on the target mat) you see not only your error, but how to correct it as well!

It is practically impossible for even the best coach or instructor watching a student intently to tell if you are as much as 3-4 inches off on your swing path or swing plane (resulting in a missed shot by as much as 80 feet on a 250 yard drive!), but the Laser Trainer will EASILY show you such and error! In fact, the Laser Trainer will quite clearly show you errors of swing up to the width of the laser beam -- about 1/8 of an inch!

Armed with the visual data on your swing you slowly go back and forth from the errant point, but now correcting your swing (by viewing your progress on the Target Mat). Through repeated practice you gauge your progress in your swing by watching the laser light track across the Target Mat reference points. It is the absolute best way to improve your golf swing.

Once you've mastered this precise point in your swing, move on to the next. Beginners may want to focus on a simple takeaway or straight-shot, while intermediates may want to work on a fade or draw. Advanced and professional golfers will find they too benefit from the Laser Trainer's drills and visual data on individual elements of an advanced swing.

The reference video and booklet explain how to correct for each type of incorrect swing pattern displayed on the Graphical Mat and offer suggestions for many more advanced aspects of your game - including putting.

There is no need to try to overanalyze how the Laser Trainer system works. It is simple in design and use, but is clearly the best training aid on the market about the Butch Harmon Guarantee.

"The Laser Trainer has really helped me get on-plane and has been a big improvement on my wedge play !"

- Robert Damron

PGA Tour Star Winner 2001 Byron Nelson Award

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