Laser Trainer Overview

The only way to effectively improve your golf swing is to understand precisely what it is you are doing wrong in a swing. The best way to understand is to see your swing. To do this you need immediate visual feedback as you go through your swing. The only problem, as any golf pro will tell you, is that the most critical elements of your golf swing - the swing path and swing plane - cannot be seen with the naked eye. This is precisely where the Laser Trainer provides dramatic help.

With the Laser Trainer, you actually see the swing plane and swing path elements of your swing. Using this unique concept - actually seeing your swing path and swing plane - is nothing short of revolutionary in golf instruction and yields remarkable results. I have incorporated using Laser Trainers in my teaching regime of both amateurs and pro's alike. If you use the Laser Trainer as instructed, you too will benefit from the best teaching aid available the market. Test the Butch Harmon Guarantee for yourself!


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