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A New Breed of Effective Marketing and Sales...

The DemoRoom creates compelling product presentations that become integral to your direct marketing campaigns. They also support your online retail channels, giving shoppers the information needed for making informed buying decisions.

Converting Browsers into Buyers...

Web sites using DemoRoom presentations have seen sales conversions as high as 9% - almost five times the industry average. Couple this with very significant reductions in presale phone calls (up to 30% fewer calls) and returned merchandise (returns reduced as much as 50%), and you're talking real money.

The Nine Critical Steps to Sales Success...

From the beginning of Marketing, through Sales, to the end of Customer Service - and around again. The DemoRoom works best at the convergence of these functions. See "Nine Critical Steps".

"Everything Begins with The Demo."

...But "The Demo" is only the first step towards sales success. For the rest of the story, please Contact Us.

For an example of a DemoRoom Demo, please click on the link below.

Advanced technology to improve your golf game!

...from the teacher of Tiger Woods.

Demo Example
Featured Demo: Butch Harmon's Laser Trainer


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